Job Shadowing Reflection

1.  After my job shadowing I reflected and realize that I want to be an Athletic Trainer.  Athletic training is exactly what I want to do with my life, I want to continue being surrounded by sports and athletes, so training and treating athletes is the perfect job for me.  I want to be an athletic trainer because a couple years ago after I hurt my ankle I worked with an athletic trainer to nurse my ankle back to full health as quick as possible so I could play again.  I then realized that my trainer helped me a lot, and I realized I wanted to help athletes like that too when I got older.

2.  I think I did an average job on my presentation.  Although I received a 100% on my presentation, I think I could have added more information into my speaking, and not so much reading what was off the slides.

3.  I liked the presentation technique of a screencast.  I think people paid more attention to the presentation and were more interested.  Another technique I can take is only putting one or two words on my slide and then explaining more in detail.  This way I’m not just reading off the slide.

4.  To change the outcome of my presentation  I could have started my power point earlier so it was finished and then I could have recorded in class instead of for homework.  I also could have found more pictures to add design in my slides.

5.  I wish I would have added more detail in my presentation and explained why I wanted the job more.

If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t just read off the slides.

The easiest part of the presentation was answering the questions after my presentation.

The hardest part of the presentation was making the slides and screencast.

Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I think I did a good job overall, of course I can always do better but I think I did a good enough job to get an A.

Mock Interview Reflection

  1. I think by interviewing my classmate it made me more prepared for my own interview.  I had an idea of what questions were going to be asked and what a good response should be like.  I also could see how important eye contact and body language is in an interview.
  2. While I was being interviewed I felt anxious but prepared also.  I was anxious because I never knew what exact questions they were going to ask me.  However I felt somewhat prepared after looking over the questions beforehand and interviewing someone else.
  3. I think my responses to the questions were average.  I feel like I answer the questions intelligently but I do believe on some of them I could have added more detail.  The questions that were the easiest were the ones asking about my goals and where I see myself in the future.  The questions I found the hardest was what my strengths and weaknesses are.
  4. Advice for someone going to an interview would be to make a good first impression, and make eye contact.  Also ask yourself some basic questions beforehand.
  5. I learned that interviews are actually very hard.  You should dress formal to make a good first impression.  You should bring your resume to the job interview.
  6. I think this was a good activity because it showed all of us how a real interview kind of is and how important it is to make a good impression.  I think next year we should not have the questions with the answers in front of us because even I used them at times.

‘Smartpillow’ New Invention for Solving Sleep Deprivation

Everyone can agree that at some point in time you felt as is you did not get enough sleep.  That you could of done more throughout your day or been more productive if you had that extra hour to stay in bed.  However everyone can also agree that there seems even if you do go to bed early, you still don’t achieve the best sleep.  This article talks about a new invention being created called the “smartpillow” which works to create more well-rested nights and less sleep deprivation.  Entrepreneurs said this pillow uses your smartphone and brainwave entrainment technology to hack your sleep.  This pillow uses a sleep optimization system.  This basically consists of a thin memory foam insert that tracks the frequency of brainwaves you’re emitting while you sleep and optimizes sleep using sound.  I think this reporter is biased to the fact that this pillow will be a great invention to help solve not only his sleep deprivation but others too.  This story is exciting and interesting  to hear that entrepreneurs of the world are out there trying to create better rested nights, which I’m sure we all could use.  This news is real because fox news is a reliable source.


The History of Board Games

A board game is a game that involves pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface(board) based on the rules provided.  Board games usually are based on strategy, chance, or a mixture of both.  Board games date back to ancient times.  The earliest board games published in the United States were based upon Christian morality.  For example, in 1834 a game called The Mansion of Happiness, sent players along challenges to lead the to the mansion of happiness(heaven).  Around the year 200 the board game industry began to expand.  Companies around this time such were Fantasy Flight games, Z-man Games, or Indie boards and Cards, which were being sold worldwide.  My favorite board game has to be The Game of Life.  I like how the game reflects real life decisions and scenarios that can happen.  I think it is kind of fun to make a pretend board game life and see how it all works out in the end.  The Game of Life uses strategy and chance in making decisions throughout the game.  Another game I liked playing when I was younger was Clue.  This game uses complete strategy in trying to figure out what character in the game was the culprit of murder.

Image result for ancient board games   Image result for the game of life

60 Second Shakespeare Reflection

In English we recently had to split into groups and perform a 60 second Act from the drama Twelfth Night.  My group was assigned Act 3.  In this Act every character was involved at some point.  This is when a lot of confusion was cleared up and secrets were beginning to be revealed.  One thing that was very difficult for my group in this Act was the amount of characters we had to perform.  Everyone had at least 2 characters if not more.  With having multiple characters it was often hard to show the audience which one you were playing at that time.  However our group did work really well together.  We easily split up the characters with no disputes and created our script in one day.  Creating the script was easy, performing and figuring out how to act was not as easy.  I feel as if our group would of done better if we practiced a lot more.  We only got to run through the whole script once before we actually performed to the class.  So I feel we could of received more points for the presentation if we acted with more emotion, and clearly stated our characters and the scene.  Overall, I think my group and I worked well together and performed a well written script.

EduBlog Commenting Tips

Do’s  and Don’ts of commenting:untitled

  1. Do leave positive comments about what the person did good on their blog.
  2. Don’t only point out the negatives in their blog.
  3. Do leave helpful advice on what they can improve on.
  4. Don’t use improper grammar or vulgar in your comments.


Stereotypes Ruin 1st Impressions

Stereotypes are one of the main problems in our society today.  Between social media, movies, tv shows etc. stereotypes are easy to create and quick to spread.  There are stereotypes nowadays based on what people wear if they are in this sport, or how they should act if they are in that club.  People are constantly judging others just by their exterior and basic information about them.  Stereotypes ruin first impressions.  I am guilty of this just like everyone else.  Because of stereotypes we have heard or seen, when we first meet someone we tend to make assumptions, not always on purpose just by reaction.  These assumptions are not always right, or positive.  For example, a couple years ago on the first day of school my class had to tell everyone our favorite hobby.  One boy I remember said he played football.  A common stereotype from movies and shows I have seen portrays football players to all be stupid.  Jocks they call them, with no brain.  This boy in my class ended up being one of the smartest kids in there.  My first impression of him was completely wrong all because of the stereotypes I have grown up hearing.

Plan Test Experience

I have always hated taking timed tests, and the PLAN test reitorated that fact to me once again.  The only test that I actually had enough time to get all the way through was reading, the rest were not so lucky.  To me, I was not struggling with the actual questions themselves.  Actually the test was pretty easy.  My problem was time.  On every test it seemed like I just did not have enough time to complete the questions.  I spend too much time trying to figure out a question, and then leave myself with not enough time for the others.  I feel as if we should do more practice tests in every subject but have a time limit.  Even if we just did 10 questions in 10 minutes or something along those lines.  I need to learn how to manage my time better so in the future, especially the ACT, I can finish all the tests and not put 10 C’s in a row.

Tips For Future High Schoolers

High school is much different than middle school.  There is more freedom, more responsibility, and more problems to overcome.  Here are a couple things I have learned along the way so far.

1. Don’t try to fit in.  So many people in high school never want to stand out.  Everything they say or do is based on what they think others will think of them.  Do what you want, say what you want, ad be who you want and the right people will stay with you through it all.

2.  Don’t judge other people before you actually meet them.  Everyone is a culprit at some time judging someone based on something they wear or how they look.  Get to know people before you put a label on them, you may miss out on some great friends.

3.  People will spread rumors.  High school seems like the place for talk and gossip.  Try to avoid it at all costs and you will naturally have a better high school experience.

4.  Join sports/clubs.  This is the easiest way to make friends and meet people who have the same interests.

5.   Relationships in high school will happen, but that boy that you think you love will most likely not stick around forever.  Some times it happens, but a lot of times it doesn’t.  We are so young.  Just know that it is not the end of the world no matter how much you think your heart is broken.  You have so much life still to live and so many more people to meet.  Everyone ends up with who they are meant to be with in the end, so just trust time.